Important announcements for the 2006 Texas Renaissance festival effecting dressers and owners of Chainmaille Fashions outfits.


Chainmaille Fashions and the Texas Renaissance festival are pleased to announce          that the contributions of my esteemed chainmail collectors (who participate in my parade and show) will be recognized with a complimentary ticket to return.  This offer is available to the first 15 owners (of outfits) to register (in the morning) to be in the show.


Further I will track how many times each participates and will award in shop credits to the 4 who are contribute the most. The amounts will be $100, $75, $50 and $25 to be awarded closing day. But can be used the following year if a winner is not present.


Pass holders, whether paid or volunteers not eligible

Eligible outfits minimum

 Top, waist and headpiece,

OR full body piece and headpiece,

Or Coif and Hauberk

Other combinations could be approved if they are considered thematically consistent and creatively executed.

Owners must wear liners during the parade and show, Further Grimes County is enforcing “No Nipples” small rings with light coloring, liquid latex or the band-aid style pasty should comply

New rules for dressers

Return time is now 4:00

Miss 4:00 three times and you will not dress for the remainder of the season.

Miss 5:00 and you will not dress for the season.

Must wear liners while in ChainMaille

There are many legitimate reasons to miss the parade or show, if you miss and don’t have one you may be chastised

If you choose not to wear something you have borrowed you must return it immediately to Chainmaille Fashions. Anything else is a breach of faith.


This change is so I will be able to finish laundry by dark and not have to get up an hour before the sun the next day.


First time dressers go to the front of the line.

Clients making purchases go before first timers.


No drunkenness in our outfits. It is not attractive and things can be broken.


You are not responsible for damage to the outfits; please bring our attention to any you are aware of.