New Rings available as of January 2007


It has been a long two years since Hemphill Spring was bought by a corporation and became unable to fit making rings into their schedule.

Many of you have been disappointed by my decision to stop selling rings but it was necessary, I barely made it thru this last season and indeed ran out of 27ís and 32ís at the end.


We sent samples and negotiated with over a dozen manufacturers, contacted 2 equipment makers and chased down their recommendations and had quotes as low as 5 cents per ring and as high as 20cents since I have been selling my maille for 14 cents per ring these prices would not work.


Finally last March we obtained the machine Hemphill had been using to make the rings for the last 20 years (it was old when they started and that is why they were willing to attempt the modifications to make closed rings (ends aligned and touching) and it is now set up on the property of the man who has run that machine for the last 15 years or more.


I now have accounts with shippers, metal suppliers and have invested in all the affiliated shipping supplies.


I have received the first run and they are beautiful. Not surprising, the operator does a better job working for himself.


Unfortunately prices are going up and I am changing how I deal with volume discounts.


In the past I have started prices at

6 cent each for 100 dropping to 2 cent each for 10,000 or more of the same size and kind of ring



The new pricing should be easier to understand. 3 cents per ring (any quantity) plus $10 per size/color handling charge; plus shipping (no additional charge for credit cards.)



For those of you who have not used my rings and wonder why people would pay 3 cents for my rings when there are cheaper available on the web. The answer is simple; my rings are created with their ends aligned and touching or closed. This means half the work is done for you. To assemble 10,000 rings you only need to close 5000. most knitters close between 200 and 350 rings an hour.