Notice to Texas Renaissance Festival 2010 Friends, Clients, and Dressers


Once again MN ren fest is staying open one weekend into October meaning we have just 5 days to pack the inventory and our household, close the building for the year, drive 1300+ in three vehicles with three people, two dogs, two cats and Tortie. off load/reload in Austin continueing to site to clean and open that building and finally get the sales floor ready for a 9am Saturday opening.

Opening weekend parade and shows will once again be reserved for owners as I wont have a chance to prep my dressing room until after the weekend. I will be able to supply owners who have their own tops a belt or skirt but no accessories.

As announced at the end of last years closing show we are discontinueing the compitition. In steady I have decided to offer my owners who join us in the parades and shows a 1% discount for each day they are present and any that are there 16 of the 17 days will get 20% off any purchases from Chainmaille Fashions or Janes coin Jewelry. the discount will stay in effect thru opening weekend of the 2011 TRF. Obviously the best discount will be closing weekend but if you really need something earlier you can use the discount earned at that time. To me this is more fair.

as in the past owners will be reeimbursed a ticket each day the participate.