ChainMaille High Fashion Belts

Our belts, Like all of our other designs come in an overwhelming variety. We start with half a dozen basic frameworks but can do 50 or more variations of each. The examples below will give you an overview. Browsing the labyrinth halls of our domain you can see many other belts on outfits throughout.

Belts are priced by the inch ($.12per ring) plus Crystals plus chain drape ($3 per chain) bells are an additional $.50 to $1.00 each depending on size. Any color metal or crystal

We finish the ends with a hook on each end allowing the belt to move easily from hips to waist or even bandoleer style

click on any thumbnail for an enlargement

We call this pattern "base of 4" the small dags are perfect for hanging just about anything! bells, coins, chain, fringe, or chain drapes all work great! $1.25 per inch

"base of 10" $2.25 per inch

"Jamilla Base" $16.50 per 8inches

"Double dag"

Base of four with dancing coins

base of 4 with a skip drape and a crystal and two leaves on each "skipped" dag.

Base of 4 with a double/skip drape with a crystal on every "skipped" dag

base of 4 double drape

Two tone base of 10 decorated with bells and coins.

Two tone base of 10 decorated with a drape between dags and a bell on each point.

Double Dag decorated with an abundance of bells.

The Jamilla fully decorated has as bit of everything.

Kathy wears a corset draped with several Belts.
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