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This section is being designed predominately to let you know what is available if you seek me out .

We make ChainMaille for every conceivable use or body part. The body of my work has been built on custom pieces built around the desires of my clients and the practical limits of the media.

I have spent the last 20 years living and working at Renaissance festivals across the country. I have created demand where non had existed. I've accomplished this by listening to what was being asked for and realizing that if one person wants something then others would want the same or similar stuff. I then let the public know what I have to offer by letting the curious dress up and experience the tactile wonders of ChainMaille while providing me with a wonderful group of live mannequins who consistently "have the best time of my life".

Randolph at work

This has always been a great source of inspiration for me and those parts of the community that like ChainMaille. The sad truth is that my experience is that people ether love ChainMaille or they Hate it! Seldom if ever does any body have their minds changed.

If the media appeals to you please look through this portfolio. perhaps you will find something you like. If you do check out my itinerary to see if any of my shows are close enough to your part of the country for you to stop by and try on an outfit or two.

The world is enriched by the great variety of body sizes and types. We at chain mail fashions endeavor to have something to fit every body.

I am making every effort to create some order to the Thousands of pictures I have take over the last 20 years, however their is a great deal of over lapping of categories. People in skirts usually have on a top and a head piece. Look around maybe you'll find something you like. All the Images are "click to enlarge

  1.   Dancing tops
  2. Petite new 6/18/96
  3. medium new 6/18/96
  4. Generous tops New 6/17/96
  5. Sensational TopsNew 6/16/96
  6. Valkyrie Cups new 6/19/96
  7. Long lines

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