Brides & Grooms in ChainMaille

How can any artists not get excited at the prospect of helping to create the magic of a wedding.

I can't find the pictures right now but I'll mention a wedding were I made a Headdress and garter for the bride and coordinated headbands for all bridesmaids. They say they wear there mail when they go out together.

Crissy and Geoff are friends meet through Lauren Podolak > **Costumes for the Historically Hip**
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The Vows.

A classic wedding.

How nicely our Cavalier Hat goes with this period wedding costume. most if not all of the festival I participate in have some sort of program for arranging weddings during operating hours.

Jon and Marline designed theses outfits for their Chicago wedding last year

A Juliet cap compliments a yamika at a Jewish wedding.



Tom and Nikie Brown January 11, 1997

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