Couples costumed together

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Lord Randolph, Lady Jane and Lady Jo

Jon and Marline designed these matching outfits for their wedding last year. they are from the Chicago area.

Megan and her fiancee work at Medieval Times Chicago. he is a Jouster and she a serving wench. He is wearing a two tone mantle style vest ($400). This design came to me while viewing computer enhanced photographs of Egyptian Hieroglyphics. His coif is a magistrate modified with a decorative mask. His belt is great for a strutting peacock of a warrior (like myself) or for dancing ($200.), the bells and coins make it inappropriate for stealth. Megan is wearing a one of a kind red aluminum outfit consisting of a mantle and SHORT skirt ($700) We've added a cutout top ($200) with a leather under garment. note the legging.

This couple dressed at the Bristol Renaissance faire She is wearing a halter top with stomach drape (about $200) Her belt is a single drape (see Belts under $100). His belt is the loudest I make the bells are large and very bright . His vest is about $500

This couple dressed in Arizona her top is equipped with an under wire but no additional decoration her headband is a $50 Katharine style.

Another couple from Arizona. he wears a silver Egyptian mantle $350 she wears a cutout top ($125) with leather under it and a skirt down to the knees ($350)

This couple is from Arizona. He wears a Magistrate ($225) and a vest ($500). She is stunning in a Cleopatra head dress ($150) A fringed Triangle skirt ($600) and a large halter top with under wire and dags ($300).

Randolph and Jane Always look good together.

Randolph and an old friend Susu from Austin Tx.

Bob Can be found play at the Minnesota Fest.. Rebecca has gone on to become a Business woman.

Well prepared for a day at fair.


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