Bracelets and Hand flowers

Hand flowers and Bracelets are the most affordable of our costume/fashion accessories.

Both styles of all Crystal bracelets are $10 add the bells and it becomes a $12.00 item.
There default length in 7.5 inches , if you need more or less let us know.

Hand flowers come in 5 basic styles ranging from $20 to $40 and fit most hands. Metal color can be gold or white (antimony) and as always crystal colors are interchangeable

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The above are both $10 bracelets, the top is a "linked crystal bracelet" and the bottom is a "chained crystal bracelet" and as always, Metal color can be gold or white (antimony) and as always crystal colors(or pearl) are interchangeable.

The above are a couple of $12 belled bracelets. you can mix gold band with silver bells. You can also mix crystal colors.

The $10 styles

The ever popular $12.00 Belled bracelet.

Hand flowers...Back to Accessories.

These are our basic Hand flowers. (left $40 right $20)

They Have no crystal but can be ordered in ether color of metal.

These are a couple of our $40.00 bracelets.

This is the thirty dollar style

This is the forty dollar style. Note that the difference is the $40 is a $30 with a wider chainmail wrist band.

This is our $25 dollar style. again colors are your option.

Arm $65
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