ChainMaille T-backs for Females

Our Two straps start at $120.00 and go up with decoration or extra size. They have a "solid " ChainMaille front panel supported by a ChainMaille belt. The inseam has a small piece of elastic that is held to the belt back with an open triangle of three wide chainmail (if you want to see go to the adult areas.)

We have a crotch less version starting at $85.00 . It is unisex and can be viewed in the adult areas

Our cod pieces are the male equivalent see them HERE

I regularly add a solid back pale and at times have added crystals, bells, chain drapes, wide belts approaching skirt size and small rump lion flaps.

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This Our partner Jo. She is modeling a two strap over harem pants and with a split skirt. Expensive harem pants have a tailored panty that the pant legs attach to and blouse off of . Inexpensive harem pants blouse at the waist making the legs look shorter and the torso longer and ether hiding the butt completely or making it look to big. Our two strap on the out side gives inexpensive pants the look of the higher price styles.

Woman at her most beautiful

This is Bethany. She wears a two strap and a halter with a skirt being worn as a shawl. This outfit is coordinated chevron patterns knit into the mail using bronze and plated rings.

This is an outfit from Gencon. When I began showing at at TSR's gaming fair there were very few females in attendance. However the ones that were tended to be let alone and feeling abandoned in the dealers room. In a word the were ripe for recruiting as models. Now I have a dedicated following of both women who ware mail every year and men who admire them. A couple of years ago I began building a small dressing room on the sales floor to expedite changes during the convention. We had been walking two blocks back and forth to our hotel room.

a two strap over harems worn by Sarah at the Arizona Ren Fest.

This is Hillary from northern California. She wears a Tstrap with a small triangular skirt as a (butt) cover up. Her long line halter has mantle style shoulders. Hillary is an aspiring actress and hired a photographer to take pictures. you will find more pictures of Hillary in the Adult section.

There is a product called "Sweater bumpers" that is worn on the nipple to give it a long lasting perkiness that is so titillating with a nice sweater. I have sold a few of my rings for this purpose. This lady supplied one of my most startling photos of this treatment. I'll post the photo in the adult area after July 1



These are a couple of pictures of Laura who has been a friend and a collector for many years. Laura has modeled for me at half a dozen world cons, at least as many SCA events and at a few ren faires. The first of these two pictures has a great story. It was taken at the world Science Fiction Convention held in Boston some years back. We were in the Boston Marriot and at the time this picture was taken there were at least seven hotel security people in attendance, They had been following us for some time as we toke pictures in various parts of the hotel. When I finally asked why they all were there one of them responded that they felt we were pushing the envelope and they were waiting for someone to complain so they could shut us down. No one did so the din not. I think if they had not been there making us look official they would have been more likely to get the complain they were looking for. (knowing me I would probably pushed harder had they not been there.

Kimberley is from one of the few professional shoots I have been involved with. She and the photographer were hired and paid by Penthouse. I think the year was 1980 and shortly after the shoot the magazine changed hands. The article was never published and I never received any of the prints from the Pro as had been promised (I distrust photographers.) Kimberley did however sign her pay check over to me and took some ChainMaille back to New York! The photo was taken in Florida.

Suzy struts in a Crotch less Chastity Belt at the Texas ChainMaille Party .

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