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  1. Bracelets and Hand flowers
  2. Anklets
  3. Earrings
  4. Waist chains & Belly drops (for pierced navels) This is the only pict I can find of our new belly drop ($5.00)


Our most popular bracelets are our $10.00 crystal bracelet and our $12.00 crystal and bell bracelet.

Both are available in gold plate and in Antimony (white metal) and in the full range of crystal colors

Hand flowers

Reminiscent of the Slave bracelet of the 60's only more colorful $20 to $40


Our belled designs are perfect for Belly Dancers or any one wanting a little music in their step.

Our crystal designs make a colorful accessory to accent any ankle.


Few feel fully dressed without matching earrings. Ours are designed to resemble ChainMaille and can be decorated with crystals or bells to suit your personality.

Waist chains & Belly drops (for pierced navels)

Our waist chains are a response to our customer's demands. Delicate and pretty they rest on the waist like a smile on the lips.

Our belly drops are basically a crystal earring with a jewelry clasp instead of an ear wire

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