ChainMaille Coifs, Full coverage metal head pieces

Coif is the English term for the chain hood.

We make them in short styles that are hardly more than a cap. I have made extra large coifs that cover the shoulders half way to the elbows. As with everything we make you can pick your size, your color (even make patterns), and your friends.

Click images for enlargements

the classic Coif $350 in bronze $550 in stainless steel

This is our evening coif $150 as shown. we have added crystal framing the face and crystals and chain drapes in the back.

a variation on the above$180

This is a basic coif. $350. bronze silver or two tone

our Magistrate has been our most popular coif for the last couple of years. Last month I thought of putting the small clasps on the tips so this effect could come from the same piece. a very Borg like effect can be achieved by connecting one as shown and the other across at the throat.

This short coif is finished with dags on the lower edge. $250

more pictures to come

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