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Corsets and their little sister Boleros   can be our most elegant fashion statement (when worn over a black silk evening dress) later the same piece can show up in the bedroom being worn with perfume and a smile. (see adult areas but bring your own perfume).

I have had good results making corsets from customer measurements. Read the bottom of this page to find out how to take the appropriate numbers.

Jane and Jo wear complementing corsets over Greetian style gowns on an outing with Randolph to the Circus de Solie Mystre in Las Vegas.

Sharon Has been helping at the Texas faire for longer than I have reliable records..

Sherry is a long time collector of ChainMaille and a designer of her own costumes. this is a small bolero I made to her specifications a couple of years ago. about $150

This corset was made for one of our Arizona sales girls. About $400

Randolph showing off a costume award from the World Science Fiction Convention held in Baltimore.

This outfit is being worn at GENCON in Milwaukee, Wi Corset about $400 mantel $200.

This is one of my neighbors at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. She wears a Two strap over tights ($120) a petite corset ($250)over a full circle cape ($80) the necklace is actually an anklet .


corset ($250)over a gown at the Texas Renaissance Festival.

This corset is decorated exactly like a "double/skip drape with crystal on the skip" BELT . The decoration would add $3.00 per chain plus crystals ($2 or $3 each)to any corset.

Not even the King can resist ChainMaille. One of the Birds of Prey rehabation specialists and the King from the Arizona Renaissance festival. The Skirt/corset/mantle/coif combination gives a very Knightly feel to the Ladies outfit.

This highly decorated corset (about $650) makes and elegant statement. over a black gown with matching black gloves and elbow length ChainMaille Hand flowers ($150per pair or $80. each).

This piece shows how to take a simple $300.00 corset and turn it into a $4000.00 center piece. Add 100 mils of 24 caret gold plate (nearly two ounces of plating!) and add as many Austrian leaded glass crystals as we could possibly attach. Owned by Georgia Frontierie.

Another outfit from Gencon worn with a belt and fangs the lady makes her own statement.

Susu was once married in this lace dress. She said she had a lot more fun wearing it at the ChainMaille Party than she did the wedding.

How to measure for a ChainMaille Fashions corset

  1. measure the rib cage just under the bosom. Make sure to take a full breath and flex for your greatest expansion. ChainMaille will not stretch. Remember this line. Or better still mark it with chalk.
  2. Reach over your shoulder and feel the small bump where your shoulder meets your neck. the straps need to meet just below the bump (t2/3 disk area) Measure form this point down two the line where you took the first measurement. Next measure from the same point over the shoulder to a point on the line of the first measurement beneath the outer edge of the bosom.

    at this point you have all the measurement needed for a bolero.
  3. Measure the waist and the hips
  4. measure the vertical distance between the hips and waist and the waist and under wire.
  5. The straps need to attach to the under wire at a point where they slightly hold the breast forward. measure from the center front out to this point.

When I write my notes they look like this.

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