Austrian and Czechoslovakia Crystal colors and sizes

this page will be improved later but for now the following scan will have to do.

I have found the colors vary depending on the computer system so take them as guides only

the crystals on the top row can be added to any chainmail for $3 per crystal the others are all $2 per crystal

You may order loose crystals with any ChainMaille order at the prices above. If you only want crystals they are $5 each plus $3 shipping

I typically use the top row (size) on Belts and full Headdresses

The Size crystals on row two work well on belts, Headdresses and Anklets

The Crystals themselves are leaded glass and the bales that hold them in place are sterling silver and tied just like a fishing lure.

top row

18x9 blue Zircon .....18x6 CLEAR ....18x9 CLEAR ...28mm black These are $3. each when added to ChainMaille.

Bottom three rows

simulated pearl, black, Amber, clear, Emerald, Red, reflective clear, Amethyst, Dark Blue , and Light Blue. These are all $2. when added to ChainMaille.

I'm not real happy with the colors I have reproduced here. depending on your monitor it may be better or ? The bottom line is they are approximate.