Collaborations with clients designs

This page is dedicated to costumes that are primarily designed by the customer and accented by ChainMaille Fashions

Lord Andrew Of Texas built his outfit to wear at the Texas Renaissance Festival and occasionally at Scarborough Faire In Waxahachie, TX. He and his Lady Stephanie (pictured elsewhere) are treasured clients. Both have been collecting ChainMaille for years and walk with me regularly in the Parade.

We were very pleased with how this piece developed (1995 Bristol Faire)

Jerry is a collector from California. He first came in because his son wanted a coif. he got the coif for his son but wore it for the rest of the day. His son never got the coif but Jerry put together this great outfit (note the gloves I haven;t made any others quite like them. He also bought an outfit or two for his daughter and ChainMaille for his Rotwielers (see pet section)


We would have never thought of this one, I'll warrant ye that.

Amazing how they can both look boorish yet so different!

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