ChainMaille Dancing Tops

The Dance outfits on this page cater to ethnic or Belly dance designs Exotic Dancers should also look in our adult areas

These are just a sampling of what we can do with our pliers and your imagination.

This is the Halter that started my career.
The year was 1978 The place is Texas and the Model is Christine.
She still dances professionally in Mn.

Throughout my career it has been my good fortune that my work has attracted extremely over qualified volunteer help. Nan Camroon above and Pat (Firey*) below are among them. Nan just finished her P.H.D. as a school administrator, and Pat is a masters computer guru.

We all miss Pat's late husband Brook who lost a long and courageous battle with cancer.

We wish Pat and her new husband Chris all the happiness in the world

Both Ladies are very talented Belly Dancers and have been members of several troops when their schedule allows. When I edit the 60 hours of video tape of my now infamous 5o'clock Show They will both have feature sections.

Three variations of bolero type outfits Boleros start at about $100 up to $350

All of these models and outfits deserve comment but I haven't the time right now.

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