What to expect if you come to fair to try on ChainMaille

You'll have so much fun you'll flip out!

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this Site is very incomplete If you have questions feel free to Email or Call toll free (central time zone)

I spend most of my mornings at Faire dressing as many people as I can to walk in the parade as part of my entourage. With stipulations and a few common sense rules you could be one of those people.

You will be required to read and sign some variation of the form below as well as a modeling release.

Randolph at work
It has been said "Tis better to be Randolph than it is to be King"

Expect to be dressed by a man (me) you can bring a chaperone if you please but if we are really cranking the chaperone will need to be same sex as I frequently dress several people at a time (if everyone is chilly I don't care who's there.

Sales take precedence over casual dressers, If you only want to dress for the day I would make you wait will I dealt with someone there to give me money (art only takes you so far).

ChainMaille can be Naughty or Nice


Conduct guidelines for patrons dressing in CHAINMAILLE FASHIONS costumes

Your cooperation with the following guide lines will enable Lord Randolph to continue to offer his services to enhance your Festival experience.

A patron is anyone who has entered the grounds during normal operating hours by using a ticket.

A participant is any person employed by the festival, or subcontracted with festival, or employed by a festival subcontractor.

Participants must adhere to costuming and conduct rules published by festival management that ensure a fun, safe, thematically consistent environment for the PATRON.

Patrons have considerably more latitude being able to dress as they choose, use alcohol and tobacco etc.

When you choose to be dressed by CHAINMAILLE FASHIONS you remain a patron, however you are now one participating as a representative of our shop. We ask you to pay attention to your conduct as follows

1) Do not drink to excess additionally no alcohol may be carried on the way to or in the festival parade. A period cup (leather, wood, ceramic or pewter) is preferred to the plastic beer cup when you are in costume.

2) Use tobacco product carefully and discreetly or not at all. Hide both cigarettes and plastic cups while having your picture taken.

3) While halter tops are "street legal" we use modesty liners at festival in voluntary cooperation with management

4) Do not join a stage presentation unless CLEARLY invited to do so.

5) If you are approached by safety services or festival management for ANY problem do not argue . inform them that your are a patron dressed by CHAINMAILLE FASHIONS and if there is an issue that needs to be addressed you would like to escorted back to CHAINMAILLE FASHIONS for clarification.

6) COMMON SENSE RULE The more provocative the costume the more proper your conduct must be. If you want to be a "Wench" you MUST wear two skirts, a bodice, a blouse with long sleeves that cover the shoulders, and a hat. besides if we create the right effect costuming you won't have to do anything. you can just BE.

7) Do not solicit for tips or present yourself as a festival participant.

8) Return costumes by 5:30 , the festival closes at 5:45 PM

9) By dressing in our costume at festival you agree that your image (photo, film, audio or video tape) becomes public domain and may be used for documentation or promotion

10)You are responsible for RETURNING the items loaned to you. You are NOT responsible for normal wear and tear or breakage, however if you point out any damage it will facilitate repairs(chain mail usually repairs easier when still being worn).




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