Gallery of groups of people in ChainMaille

There has always been people looking for a source for ChainMaille. Several years passed before I became used to people coming up to me and saying some variation of "we're have you been all my life all I've ever wanted is maille!"

They are my serious collectors and I try not to bankrupt them, but they are too few. I have always been aware that no one else was out there creating market demand and that I had to do it myself.

To that end and as a source of inspiration and social interaction I have made it a policy to dress as much of the public as I can and let them enjoy the tactile nature of ChainMaille and the incredible variety of responses that ensue.

With rare exception a person will either love or hate ChainMaille few are neutral or luke warm. This of course results in a great deal of reactivity in both directions.

Sounds like fun doesn't it?

Below are a few of the groups of people that have walk the faire parades with me. If this looks like fun to you check our Itinerary to see if our paths cross. Then go to this page to find out how to arrange it and what to expect (me.)

1981 or 82 at the Colorado ren faire (I dropped this one in 82.) I've always been fond of this picture and when I get my negative scanner I hope to find the negative so I can get a good print.

Occasionally I do something other than Renaissance Festivals and conventions. This is the Blue Santa Parade in Austin, Tx. It was a hoot marching with half the cops in town but a real bummer being upstaged by the Animaniacs!

The Entourage was put together virtually over night but consulting my data base and calling a few of my clients in town. Fill out your sales receipts completely.

Arizona Renaissance Festival

Feb./March annually

Bristol Renaissance Festival

Late June through Mid August in Kenosha , Wisc.

Texas Renaissance Festival

Oct/Nov. North of Houston

Minnesota Renaissance Festival

Aug/Sept in Shakopee so of the twin cities

I don't have any group pictures from the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. Each of my shows has it own priorities and rules. Texas is virtually unrestricted, we can trull say "nothing comes between me and my maille, pardner".

all except the Minnesota Renaissance Festival encourage my parade participation.

On the other end is the Minnesota Renaissance Festival where I am contractually prohibited from participating in any parade or having any kind of gathering or BEING IN THE PRESENTS OF DRUMS!. Well I suppose I'm not there to have fun. You are.

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