ChainMaille High Fashion Headbands

Headbands have been the mainstay of my living for more than a score of years.

Their simplicity make them affordable and allow more places to wear than a Headdress and most make very nice necklaces.

All the headbands begin with a 19 inch piece of three wide, 4to1 ChainMaille either gold or antimony plated. New in 2003 is the option of solid stainless steel for an additional $10 per headband .

An elastic and hook are attached to one end and usually a forehead decoration is added to the middle. The decoration can have crystals or chains but usually have both.




  1. Color/type of metal: the basic headband is knit using phosphorus bronze which is then gold plated or bright nickel plated For an additional $10 you can get ant headband made using a stainless steel chainmail ring (drape chains will remain plated brass)

  2. 2. Color crystal: 9 basic colors in inventory you can have any color you want Reflective Clear, Jet Black, Emerald, Peridot, Red, Amethyst, Dark Blue, Aqua, Amber, Clear Crystal and Simulated Pearl available in Cream or White.
  3. Type of chain:
    A) soldered link brass rope chain (best movement) or
    B) brass serpentine (more expensive flat chain with a mirror like finish for maximum flash but stiff and does not readily move). either would be plated either gold plate or imitation rhodium


Tiffany Headband Brittany Headband
side by side a rope Tiffany
and a serpentine Tiffany.

Another comparison of the
serpentine (bottom)
and rope chain (top)

In all the examples below the type chain, color of metal, and color of crystal are OPTIONAL. You choose which you want.

For a value added fee of $10.00 your white headband can have a stainless steel framework.

All headbands come with a foldover jewelry clasp on each end for use as a necklace or other creative option.

Basic headband

gold plate (GP) $25
Bright Nickel (BN) $25
Stainless Steel (SST) $35


5 crystal

GP or BN $35

SST $45

#2 Tiffany
6 chains 1 crystal

Rope $33

Serp $42

Pearl $39

6chains 1 crystal

Rope $33

Serp $42

Pearl $41

#4 Bethany
4 chain 3 crystal

Rope $35

Serp $41

pearl $39

#5 Brittany
2 chain 5 crystal

Rope $37

Serp $40

Pearl $39

#6 Alice
4 chain 5 crystal

Rope $39

Serp $45

Pearl $43

#7 Vanna
4chain 5crystal

Rope $42

Serp $47

Pearl $50

#8 Nicole
10 chain 1 crystal

Rope $49

Serp $61

Pearl $66


#9 there is no #9

#10 Kathryn


#11 Princess Amandala


#12 Queen Amandala


#13 Baccus


#13 Night Sky



a Nicole being worn.

Marsha wears a pearl Catherine.

A crystal Catherine.

This is a Nouveau. This style comes in a variety that defies cataloguing. prices range from $65 and up . One of the most expensive pieces I've made was a Nouveau decorated with faceted gemstones.
Their are hundreds of photos throughout this domain that show headbands and headdresses in conjunction with other ChainMaille pieces. If you don't find what you are looking for let us know. We'll either make it to your specs. or point you to someone who can.

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