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Head pieces;

  1. Headbands
  2. Headdresses
  3. Brides & Grooms
  4. Coifs


  1. Coifs, (full coverage head gear)
  2. Vest,hauberks,
  3. Bishop's Mantles, Collars
  4. Cod pieces (men's ChainMaille t-backs)
  5. Couples in Maille
  6. Children in ChainMaille
  7. War Beasts: Animals in ChainMaille
  8. Collaborations with clients
  9. Group and parade pictures


  1. Hand flowers and Bracelets,
  2. Anklets,
  3. earrings,
  4. Waist chains,
  5. Belts

Body pieces:

a new tool for ordering a halter without actually meeting me

  1. Dancing tops
  2. Petite Halters
  3. medium Halters
  4. Generous tops
  5. Sensational Tops
  6. Valkyrie Cups
  7. Long lines
  8. Skirts
  9. Corsets,
  10. Dresses and teddies
  11. T-backs

Austrian and Czechoslovakia Crystal colors and sizes

Care and cleaning of ChainMaille

Adult areas.
( nudity and fetish ware.)

How to make ChainMaille

HOW to make a Coif



Comic of Randolph At Work

What to expect if you come to fair to try on ChainMaille

Biographical material

Our philosophy (subject to change)

  1. Awards resume
  2. Resume of juried shows
    22 years of shows!
  3. links to other How to works on chainmaille
  4. Itinerary

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