Children in chainmaille

I keep outfits for smalls because I was tired of screaming children wanting to get dressed up with Mom/Dad/Brother/sister.

while I do have a few child customers, They are rare, however it's not uncommon for us to hear something like this

Young woman walks into booth dragging young man. Stops and points saying "that's the headpiece my father wouldn't buy for me when I was 13. You will get it for me now, Won't you?"

Everyone is worth and worthy of our time.

I am short of time so I'll have to add text to this page at soon time in the future.

click image for a better view

My neighbor at the Arizona Faire

A warrior is born

Family Fun


Larger group of siblings

who's protecting who

Future super model

this grand relationship is celebrated every year at the Texas Renaissance Festival

One of my younger models

Amber Rose (unborn) first baby pictures

I have a very limited supplied of these shirts that were printed for 10 years ago.
I'll post prices and an inventory some day

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