Petite Women in ChainMaille outfits.

Good things come in small packages and this page proves it.

The halters on this page range in price from $123.50 to $250

Tickle your tummy and tinkle your bells at the same time..

I'm looking for the negative that shows the two strap she's wearing.

This top was on the way to being decorated to match the belt .

a corset worn with a halter.

Fringed top ($150)and draped belt ($85)

Nona is one of the many over qualified volunteer helpers that have blessed me through out my career

picture taken at Vizcaya in Miami circa 1980.

Michelle (the petitest) assists on my sales floor at the Arizona Renaissance Festival


a simple decoration and 4 to 1 shoulder straps($150)

another simple decoration ($150)

This young lady is a collegiate basket ball player

Dora will be showing the rest of her outfit when the adult areas come online

ChainMaille is priced by the ring giving added buying power to the petite. This Outfit cost less than most of the tops in the larger sizes

I have not culled my photos to only show happy people. My customers just tend to have fun.

I learned early on that center decorations accent waist and pairs of decoration centered under the bosom Visually augments the breast

For those that are paying attention will notice that the last 6 tops on this page are a different basic design from the earlier outfits. The later are a design I refer to as triangle or modified triangle and the last 6 are S12 and S12C. S = "size" C="Cleavage" and refers to extra rows on the outer edge.

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