ChainMaille Cod pieces (T-backs for Males)

The cod piece is the most involved of my designs. I spent months of time and created 10 or 12 prototypes before I had a design that was both comfortable and attractive. The fitting is relatively simple as all the shape is built into the piece. Just specify size: large or extra large.
Prices start at $175 in bronze and $250 in stainless steel

Clockwork Orange in ChainMaille

Me having fun at World con Boston
note the chain gauntlets they are rare and only for the affluent ($400 a pair)
There is another picture of me in a cod piece in the adult areas.

Alex from Milwaukee is seen at Gen con and The Bristol Ren Faire

basic cod piece standard size

This cod piece resides in Dallas and might be seen at the Scarborough faire.

I can make the backs a solid triangle like this on both mail and female pieces when they are sold and no longer need to be easily adjustable.

An adventuring party at the Texas Ren Fest
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