Solid Metal Valkyrie Cups

Our Solid Metal Valkyrie Cups are made from solid brass and currently come in two sizes with plans for a third size (med). They can be purchased with no stapes. Used with chainmail (attach with hooks),sew to your garment or use spirt gum

Or I can use satin cord to hold to build straps ($10)

or with chain straps ($20)

ChainMaille straps must be quoted on an individual basis but all straps include my tailoring

I now have a new adjustable strap style to use with chain straps

They are all solid brass

but can be finished in silver plate or gold plate ($20).

they can be either bright nickle (silver) or Black nickle (hematite) for $10 a pair

Small $30

Med $35

Large $40

4to1 chainmail straps and silver plating on Large size (about $100)

a couple of belt pieces add a little spice to this top.

Basic string straps on small silver plated cups.

I don't get many opportunities to work with professional models. This one was at GenCon.


These cups are being held on with spirt gum (GenCon.)

My friend Laura debuts my RED outfit at World con .

These cups are removable.

Rebecca shows how! If you would like to see more of the cutwork tops please go to my adult area

These cups are of my old hand beaten style and are permanently chained to this cutout top.

I really like the way this one worked . It is removable yet was absolutely secure.

These Five tops are all variations of my "cutouts".
I make them in bottoms that we call "the Crouch less Chastity Belt." Intense .
I also make a one piece version. If you like the idea go to the adult area and look around.




This grouping of outfits are all corsets (of one shape or another) with removable cups.

An excellent option for wearing a corset in public with no cloth under it.

I wonder why Lori can't show us her hands?



I consider this outfit to have been a success because all I did was add ChainMaille to what she had worn when she bought her ticket and walked through the gates, but the look was so hot it pushed so many buttons they tried to censor it. They where so embarrassed when confronted with the question WHY? They dropped the issue and I dropped the show a year or two later.

Genie at gencon

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