Chainmail Vests

Randolph in 1980 and in1994

This is one of the first vests I made for myself, My good friend Wayne from Fort Lauderdale now owns and models it with an outfit he put together for the medieval faire at Sarasota, Fl.. Geometric patterns like this add a lot to the design point and are not that difficult .

a vest like this would start at $700 and go up according to size

A full hauberk with coif trimmed in blue anodized aluminum. at $.12 per ring this is a $2000.00 outfit! We don't sell allot like this.

It hard not to swagger in Chainmaille. The coif is our Magistrate style $225. the shirt is $850.

We at ChainMaille Fashions are equal opportunity costumers. The Lady holding the knife is wearing a knee length hauberk.(about $900) the Lady in pink is wearing a cutout top (see adult areas for other presentations of this area of my work) starting at $150. a Cleopatra headdress also $150 and a Jamilla belt $135 The two part pink under garment is $85 Sheer versions are shown in the adult areas.

Most of My male models at faire prefer the open faced Magistrate (I named it that because it reminds me of the English lawyer wigs). the sleeveless vest is $550.

Here is another non traditional outfit Created and worn by Patrick Keene. Headband $85, Gladiator top $200, belt $180.

I'm not sure but I think I made this dwarfish camouflaged ChainMaille (camomail for short) for Barry about 10 years ago. The color comes from anodized aluminum so it is very durable a finish and not dirty like raw aluminum. Unfortunately anodizing has become vary expensive. If you can afford it I'll make it.

This is one of my stainless steel vests. $1600 for extremely good knife protection. Note the styling Caviler hat

Meet Mike. Mike is my most productive knitter. He is wearing a vest he made for himself. normally we use large rings on vests. this one and the stainless above are made from medium rings. It adds weight, expense and protection.

Basic bronze vest with small epaulets About $600

Don't threaten Mother's. They are very protective. Cathy Has helped every year of the Arizona Ren Fest. began in 1989. That's seven seasons. I thank her husband Mark for doing the cooking and child care to make it possible.

Feeling quite confident in Stainless steel. Kelly of the NEW RIDERS OF THE PURPLE SAGE.

I did not own a suit but when I watched Michael Wellan receive a Hugo in a red plastic transparent tux I realized I could come up with something.

It's not enough to feel safe, Got to be COOL.

Mr. Colorado 1980

Extra Bad.

My Friend Davy frequently leads my daily parade so that I can rest while everyone is walking or watching.

Real men don't care if their skirt is wrap around or over the head as long as it's mail!

Not many men have gotten into headbands. They have always been effective for me.
Yet another ChainMaille generated attitude. This time at Grand Outlandish, an SCA event memorial weekend outside of Moriarty NM.

Chainmaille is referred to as camail when attached to a helm. Don't ask me why.

This lordly Knight was seen wandering the Bristol Ren Faire.

Why do you suppose all the women in ChainMaille appear so happy and all the men appear to have an attitude?


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