Waist Chains or belly chains

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For the last dozen or more years headbands have been the main stay of my business. This spring a new and relatively simple product matched it's performance. The Waist chain is an idea who's time has come.

Today's casual chic styles that show the midriff make the belly chain the perfect fashion accessory.

They are available in gold plated bronze and antimony plated bronze. The crystal colors are interchangeable see chart

We have a new line of Navel Drops that attach to your navel ring for those of you with pierced navels. pictures will be coming.


All of our standard designs are made in a 36" length and cost $30.00. There is no charge for shorter lengths. longer lengths will be addressed on an individuall basis.


Beads are used throughout either spaced every 2 to 4 inches or grouped together (a $10.00 bracelet!) to accent a particular area of the midriff.

Tear drops work best on the end (dangly part) usually only one per chain.

This is a rope chain with a red bead every 4 inches and a red tear drop on the end.
this is by far our most popular design with silver and black the best selling color combo

To view some additional pictures of waist chains go here

a Pierced navel.

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