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Since June 7, 1998

Jane's Carved Coin Jewelry is made from actual coins, the majority of which are cut from unusual and intricately designed foreign coins. Our display of carved coins creates a miniature art gallery with works of art from most every country, in some cases dating back to the 1700's.

The cutting is labor intensive and the good coins are getting harder to find and more expensive. We have addressed these problems by designing and building a casting shop. Now we buy the best quality coins we can find , Jane cuts them, then Randolph creates molds, finally JO creates wax replicas which she then cleans and assembles into trees. Jo then Invests the trees in a special plaster and melts the wax away, the trees are then heated to 1050 degrees F and molten metal is pored into them. When they have cooled the plaster is chipped away, the coins are clipped off the tree and are then cleaned ground polished and either gold plated (bronze coins) or antique (silver coins).

The indexes show our current selection of molded and castable coins. The prices listed are for cast reproductions and is the same for gold plated brass or solid silver. Originals are available (email for quote and availability) and we can cut your coin or add a specific coin to our line for you!

When we have time we also do custom designs in wax to mold and reproduce.

Jane carving coins at a show.

At our festivals, Jane and Jo demonstrates the hand carving which transforms a flat coin into a dimensional work of art accentuating the intrinsic designing of the coin.

Their demonstrations have won awards at several of our shows, and fee credits at nearly all.

The metal of the coins varies, copper brass, nickel, aluminum, steel, silver, and even GOLD! Most pieces are finished with 22kt. gold plate, or bright nickel plate. Jane sometimes combines finishes to create duo and even tricolor combinations.

We recycle our coin scraps by alloying them into sterling silver or jewelers bronze and using the metal in the castings.

Prices begin at five dollars but may go as high as several hundred for our solid gold pieces.

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