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Lord Randolph's Pictorial diary of the 2002 Bristol Renaissance Festival August 17 and 18 week 8

Week 8 was just delight full with temps of 80 on Saturday and 75 on Sunday.

Even so Saturday was lightly attended and while sales are improving we would need to double our record weekend to reach last years totals with only 1 weekend still to go

Minnesota opened this weekend as well and while they had even better weather ( 73 and 75) they opened 20% off from last year.

Bush tells us the ecomomy is just fine.

The Bristol Renaissance Festival is owned and produced by The Renaissance Entertainment Corporation, Publicly traded as REC. For a prospectus contact REC, 275 Century Circle, Suite 102, Louisville, CO 80027 or call (303)664-0300. For information specific to the Bristol Renaissance Festival contact 12550 120th Ave., Kenosha,WI 53142, or call (847)395-7773. online visit http://www.renfair.com
The Bristol Renaissance Festival web site

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