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Lord Randolph or
Jane Markham or
Jo Woolam

The 1998 Arizona Renaissance Festival 
February and March, Apache Junction, Arizona

This years festival was plagued with El Nino storms. Seven out of eight weekends were cold with rain! While it was not great for chainmail costuming it was great for the desert, we saw plants bloom that we had not seen bloom in the ten years we have been walking the desert around the festival. The festival put on a great show and everyone had a great time.

We had a great visit from Jo's brother Dennis and his family (Glynda, Nikki, Rachel, and Brian) They dressed in chainmail and rode Gypsy Bob's horse cartto the parade where niephew Sam Lee pull dennis and Glenda in one of the cabriolet thru the parade with the rest of us as escort. Before they left for home we all decided to rent some horses and go rideing in the shadow of the Superstition.  The cactus and wild flowers were spectacular but less than 15 minutes from the corral, on a piece of HARD packed dirt road my horse freaked. I riegned him in and his front dipped way down, next thing I know I'm on the ground with a broken rib. What we have reconstructed is that when he had me out off the saddle he bucked. part of why we figured that was the 4 inch by 9 inch bruise accros my butt in which you could see the pattern from the stiching! I was like getting hit by a small car. It hurt for awhile but I am fine now. The Woolams visit Arizona Faire

I had some problems with my checkout sheets, they were loose leaf and most of the sheets did not get dated and some of what was dated conflicted with names that I am fairly certain I know. as a result there are some faces I could not put names to and undoubtedly I have made some mistakes. I mean no offense.

Finally I would especially like to thank Dawn and Amber, both of whom came often and dressed when it was so cold and wore it longer than I thought humanly possable and still be cheerful enough to thank me for the experience. I love and cherish all of my friends and clients but some are without question, special.




Steven's wife

Earl Hammond

Maria Sanburn-Zimjewski

The Chocolate Girl Melissa Ruh

Alish McDade

Brianne, Jon, And Sara

Amber Lagos

Bobby Jo and Billie Jo?

The Chocolate Girl Melisa Ruuh

Chad Forker

Chrissy Goad

A small but loud parade

Tracy Rego

Joshua Hapo

Mario Chazelle

Fernando Figeroa

Keisha Lanai Hapo


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Carino Rae Hapo

Crop top


Katy H. Craig

Betsy Lagos

Aaron Lagos

Amber Lagos

Amber Aaron and Betsy

DeAnn Webster

Jenine Brockman

Samantha Shipley

Shawna Shipley

Lulu Klien

Samantha, Lulu, Shawna, & Jenine

Ron and Michelle (snowbirds for a weekend)

Dawn Taylor & Bobby Jo

Kathy Barendt

Kathy, Ron, Michelle, Bobby Jo, and Dawn


Amber, Ron, Michelle, and Eden

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Amber Lagos

Eden Scheans

Dawn Taylor Tricia & Terri?

Tricia orTerri Taylor

Dawn Taylor

Pier support at the fair

A fine parade!

Tara Rux Or Brianne Barnard

Sara Dunham

Zac Kreitler

Matt Nelson

Jennifer Coker

Pay The Dog

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