Chainmaille Fashions pictorial history of the Bristol Renaissance Festival week 2 July 1 and 2

week two was as perfect as it gets! much fun and prosperity for every one and whilke the was sever weather in the area on Sunday it parted like the Red Sea and went around us once again giving the impression that God is a Rennie. there was a tornado less than 15 miles from us and it was fine here.

The Bristol Renaissance Festival is owned and produced by The Renaissance Entertainment Corporation, Publicly traded as REC. For a prospectus contact REC, 275 Century Circle, Suite 102, Louisville, CO 80027 or call (303)664-0300. For information specific to the Bristol Renaissance Festival contact 12550 120th Ave., Kenosha,WI 53142, or call (847)395-7773. online visit http://www.renfair.com
The Bristol Renaissance Festival web site

Teresa McCarty
Heidi Miller and Debbie Spurgeon
Debbie Spurgeon
Heidi Miller
Selina Dattoli
Capt. Seahawk and Selina
Krystal Vines
Krystal Vines
Michelle Miksen
E Angela Titus
girlfriends in maille
Lisa Raschke
Tricia Nilles
Krystal Vines
Carol Becker
Carol Becker
James Hauslen
aa new skirt design
Michelle Case
Another new skirt design
Carol Becker
Diane and Crystal
Crystal Vines
Diane Sako
Trisha Gould?
a custom Necklace
a fyne fayre costume with tasteful chainmail accents
Sisters Gretchen and Cindy
Cindy Pascual
Gretchen Guwell
Gretchen Gil and cindy
a proud new owner
Julie Escue
Justin Escue
Justine and Julie
Nicholas Justin and Julie
Nicholas Justin and Julie
Justin and long time friend Nicholas
Nicholas A Vitruis
Katy Schwarzenberg-lego
Mary Harrison
Brandon McFadden
Gene Scrat
Leslie Spears
Gene and Debbie


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