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Lord Randolph's Pictorial Diary of the Bristol Renaissance Festival week 7 August 5 and 6

Week seven was a little strange. Saturday clouded over early and shortly after noon the rain began, at one point it was the hardest I have ever seen here and it was COLD.
We still had a good day.
Sunday was Steamy at dawn and just got hotter with periodic light rain.
We STILL have a good day.
Both days featured special clients that needed lots of my time to do work that was entertaining, creative, personally satisfying as well as profitable.
I just can't imagine a better way to make a living!

The Bristol Renaissance Festival is owned and produced by The Renaissance Entertainment Corporation, Publicly traded as REC. For a prospectus contact REC, 275 Century Circle, Suite 102, Louisville, CO 80027 or call (303)664-0300. For information specific to the Bristol Renaissance Festival contact 12550 120th Ave., Kenosha,WI 53142, or call (847)395-7773. online visit http://www.renfair.com
The Bristol Renaissance Festival web site

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