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Lord Randolph's Pictorial Diary of the 2006 Bristol Renaissance Festival week 1 July 8 & 9

We opened to great weather, slightly warm but perfect for ChainMaille.
While sales were down it is down no more than I expected with adding the 10% Bristol festival commission.

An interesting thing happened Saturday night June 26th, 2 days before our planned departure to Bristol. 10ish in the evening as we were turning off lights and things getting ready for bed Loyal, our 8-month-old Cavalier King Charles spaniel, started making a fuss at the heavy dresser that our TV sits on. Upon investigation we found a black and white kitten, 9 weeks old according to the vet but only 1 pound, it was so starved it could barely stand and could not run from us or the dog, it was so thin you could see its hip ball and socket thru the skin.
I immediately assumed that Providence had assigned us to each other and I named him Minion.
He is colored similarly to Loyal who he loves unabashedly and is fearless in attacking. Yazla, our 12-year-old Persian has decided he is worthy of play. It did add to our being delayed our departing Austin even as he is delaying this post (walking on the keyboard chasing my fingers).
20miles out of Austin we blew an exhaust gasket (donut) so the 3 day 1300mile drive was Very loud but the kitten was great riding the whole way in a wire kennel. He did need it covered.
He and I have totally bonded and he is a great source of joy

The Bristol Renaissance Festival is owned and produced by The Renaissance Entertainment Corporation, Publicly traded as REC. For a prospectus contact REC, 275 Century Circle, Suite 102, Louisville, CO 80027 or call (303)664-0300. For information specific to the Bristol Renaissance Festival contact 12550 120th Ave., Kenosha,WI 53142, or call (847)395-7773. online visit http://www.renfair.com
The Bristol Renaissance Festival web site

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