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Lord Randolph's Pictorial diary of Chainmaille Fashions the 2007 Bristol Renaissance Festival week 1 July 5 and 6 2008

We had terrific weather for opening weekend. The site looks great and the parking lots are in good order
Opening day magic trumps Fourth of July weekend inertia and we had good attendance, Sunday not so much and yet both days were pleasant.

Friday I managed to acquire 3 new people to help on the sales floor so I did decide to indulge dressers but as i was unpacking the costumes Saturday morning I was filled with dread and was overwhelmed by the thought of dressing people and then doing laundry. (Frank is broken right now and can't lift anything). My first client/dresser was the ever-exotic Amanda for a resize of her outfit. She recited a poem and I forgot my dread and enjoyed the rest of the day. I did have to get up early Sunday to do laundry but I used my headphones and mp3 player and managed to almost forget I was working.

The Story Of Getting Here

I was once again pleasantly surprised by stories from people who claim though read this stuff I put online and asked how my travels have been.

After Arizona we get nearly 3 months at home.

Tortie (Jo's 32 year old assasi tortoise) took to our home very quickly and we discovered she loves to climb, a 10 inch concrete step was no problem for her, she also likes to high center herself on one of the several brick and rock piles I made for her and "let it all hang out" when she is ready to come down she will pull her head and back legs in and hyper extend her front legs until she tips nose down and slides or crashes down. Tortoise extreme sports are a hoot to watch.

Jane and Jo walked the dogs regularly but I did not feel my heel was ready so I mostly played Everquest. I was given a broken computer that turned out easy to fix and can fairly easily 5 box and can push it to 6 although i am single boxing with my guild a lot more.

We made a standing date for this period of time and saw a matinee at the " Alamo Draft House" every Wednesday afternoon. it is kind of neat to get food and drinks delivered in a movie.

Jane's father continues to slip into age and Alzheimer's dementia and Mike, who has care taken him the last several years can no longer do it. Jane has had to remain in Austin where she will care for her dad and do production. With as much as that reduced our load I decide to pair down the rest of the supplies, shift some weight (800 pounds) to the suburban and leave the trailer in Austin.
Jo and I left earlier than we usually do and arrived with 9 full days to set up. It took 4 of them just to repair all the frozen pipes and clean the place enough to unpack. We worked as much as we could and we were still not as ready as we would have liked to open but it was good enough
I have always know it was stressful driving a 1 ton truck pulling a trailer with a combined gvw of 16,000 to 17,000 pounds I was surprised how much I was in denial. I sincerely hope I never have to pull it again. My mileage went from 4.5 to 6.5 with the trailer to 12 to 13 without the trailer.
We made the drive in two days instead of three and the only breakdowns were a fuse and a stuck cruise control cable.
Speaking of trucks after the Arizona trip I did need to get the jury-rigged accelerator cable fixed, there as also a battery problem. A bad fan belt and all the traveler bearings were bad ($1K at the dealership) they confirmed that my ac compressor was leaking and it would be another $1.5K but I produced the receipt from the complete rebuild they had done 10 months earlier and it was repaired under warranty. I hope to have a new sprinter for next year.

I tried to get aluminum rings going thru Oxinal/ craftwires.com but was very disappointed see here.

The Bristol Renaissance Festival is owned and produced by the Renaissance Entertainment Productions, 12550 120th Ave., Kenosha, WI 53142, or call (847)395-7773. online visit http://www.renfair.com
The Bristol Renaissance Festival web site

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