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Diary of ChainMaille Fashions at the 1999 Bristol Renaissance Festival, week 8, Aug 14 and 15

The eighth weekend was nearly perfect weather with record attendance. Sunday we closed sighnup for dressing by 11:00 am and I did not get to the last of them until 3:00 pm!
Of course the really busy days are the ones with the most glitches. On Sunday my camera started malfunctioning and I lost about half the pictures. I was busy dressing people and none of my help thought to send the parade people off! I came out of the dressing room just before 1:00 and they were all standing around, they should have left at 12:30.
For all of that, every one had a good time

On Sunday I dressed one of Chicago's finest. That in itself is no suprise, I have never meet a cop that did not like chainmaille, what was unique is that she has the same kind of problem talking to (working) officers that I do. When she is out of uniform she does not feel like one of the club and has difficulty answering easy questions!

I grew up in South central L.A. and saw several leathal abuses of police powers between age 6 and 8 that have left me uncomfortable in the presents of working officers.

Huzzah and God Save Her Royal Majesty

Bristol Renaissance Festival is held each year in Kenosha, Wi at the intersection of I94 and the Ill boarder.
The festival is open all 9 weekends of summer, rain or shine and we invite all who would experience the tactile pleasure of chainmail to come to us early and dressup as those wiithin these pages have.

Heather French
Hellaine Gilman
Faith Johnson
Jennifer Robertson
Mary Hrrison
Kira Eggett
Amy Mc Guire
saturday's parade
Tracy Seymour
Myel Reese
Anne Marin
Ellyn Gardner
Kris Vines
Kris vines
Diane Nilson
Heather French
Heather French
Treasure and Cam Mc Intosh
Cam Mc Intosh
Dan Haswell
Mike Seliga
Mariah Hanzyk
Melissa Hayes
Mariah and Milissa
Robin Gunner
Theresa Cobb
Girls Having fun in chainmail
Gerald Miksch
Elisabeth Reid
Myel and Elisabeth



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