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Lord Randolph or
Jane Markham or
Jo Woolam

Week 5 of the Bristol Renaissance faire at Lord Randolph's ChainMaille Fashions

The fifth week of the faire was an absolute treat! The weather was perfect and the patrons were gracious. We had record numbers of dressers as well as clients. I saw many old friends and made a few new ones. It has been said before but let me assure you it is true, "It is better to be Randolph than it is to be King!"

I have a new camera! the flash unit on my three year old Epson PhotoPC failed and I used the excuse to get the new kodak DC260 and it is truely ausome! 1500x1000 pixcels and I usually do not have to adjust anything in Photoshop. useing my Epson photo 700 inkjet printer I can do REAL photoquality up to 8X10 inches! I have reduced the size of the images for the web and I am able to use more compression and still have sharper images. I hope you like the results

The Parade
Tiffany of the Shinning Blade
Tiffany of the Shinning Blade
Jennifer Wendricks
Joeseph Suno
Sara (4)
Stacey Bales
Larry Bales
Joanna Csepiga
Leslie Furie
A collector proudly displaying her new aqisition (the skirt)
Shawn Highley
Linda Chmiclewski
Adam Krause
Jewel Landsgard
Mark Logan and Heather Piniak
Heather Piniak
Stephanie Mc Culloch
Cynthia Underwood

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Susan Collins
Kimberly Crane
Courtney Thaller and Daniel Oquedo
Mary Murphy
Jeani Day
Jessica Vernon
The parade
Sam Lee
a client with a new outfit
a new owner
Helaine Gilman
The Hug brothers

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