ChainMaille Fashions at the 1997 Dragon Con

Jane and Jo went to Atlanta for the convention while Randolph stayed at the Bristol Faire for opening weekend.
They did not bring back near as many photos as they did treasure but we want to share these few with you.
The Crew
Jane had two goals at Dragon Con, She wanted autographs from Bill Tucci (creator of Shi) and Robert Jordan.
This is Jane with Bill himself! He also purchased a ChainMaille Fashions headdress for his Lady.
The rest of Jane's outfit modeled in front of our belt display.
This is Jo's Black outfit. The Harem type skirt and top will soon be available here (online) We do currently have them at faire.
Jason Joiner  and Shannon Rhoads
Up until just a few weeks before the show we did not know who would be helping Jane and Jo at Dragon Con so when Shannon (who had put a halter on layaway at the Arizona faire) informed us she had relocated to Atlanta it was a natural.
Jason had worked the Georgia Renaissance festival with good friends at Excalibur Leather.
Jason in Excalibur gloves and Excalibur Cavalier style hat and holding one of our new TV inspired fantasy weapons.
The halter that Shannon bought/worked DragonCon to earn.
Our Friends the Frost Fairies. Too bad they turned the AC so high we all had to get dressed.
The fairie on the left is Cindy, sister to Raven at Black Dragon Pewter. Both ChainMaille masks are Cindy's and she does have the largest private collection of chainmail that I know of by more different chainmail artisans than I can name.
Jane made this outfit of netted accessories specifically for DragonCon and it arrived back from the plater the day before they left.
Netted Halter top $ 165 with crystal and $135 without
Leg $45.00
Lower Arm $75.00
Upper Arm $60
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