ChainMaille Fashions at the 1997 GenCon Gaming convention

The 1997 Gaming faire was another gerat success! from my perspective you could not tell that the hall have changed workers (no longer Badger) or that TSR is now owned by Wizards of the Coast. Cindy Rick once again proved herself to be (one of) the best organized floor managers. Our sales were down marginaly but a great deal of fun was had by all. We set record speeds both for setup (2 hours 15 minutes) and breakdown (two hours flat). When you consider that we build and stock a dressing room as well as displaying 1500 pounds of inventory it is impressive. I spent thursday and Friday at Gencon then on Friday night we packed out all the outfits and dressing room stuff and brought it back to Bristol, all in all a very busy week. I did not take as many pioctures as I should have but here are a few Elisabeth teaches kindergarden when not doing Fantasy role playing. Persephone Bought the Halter but thought it would be fun to borrow the rest of an oufit for the day Kathleen Beck While these three ladies were the only dressers I had on thursday it does not mean I had a slow day. Friday was fast and furious. Kristina Kinnaman Heather Hinker and Johnny Gawron have dressed the last couple of years David Brown (email) was at GenCon as an editor/writer/webmaster.   He allowed his daughter Julie (in the teddy) and his ward for the weekend Deb dress for the day (both 15) Sarah (from MN) wanted a custom earring and was lucky to catch me with a couple of free minutes . Dan Frazier and his associate Michael Kimble (email) let thier lovely assistants Vicky Fields and Kaaren Davis to dress in ChainMaille for the day. I thank them for thier support and concider it to be a feather in my cap. Shira and Tammy subdue the beast. Shira owns her outfit and wears it proudly both for gaming and for the Bristol Renaissance festival.

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