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Lord Randolph's Pictorial Diary of the 2000 Minnesota Renaissance Festival opening thru Labor Day

Sam and Rachel Casey-Dela Cruz once again graciously managed the booth for the first two weekends so that Jane, Jo and I could finish Bristol together and pack out when it closed.
Due to "circumstances beyond our control" we did not arrive until after midnight Saturday morning of the third weekend.
It was a very hard day.
Sunday was better and I did agree to dress a few people.
Labor day weekend was good but not as good as last year. I think weather was to blame as it became fairly cold for ChainMaille.
We layered and had a few stout hearted dressers
I played Tiberian Sun quite a bit.

The Minnesota Renaissance Festival is owned and produced by Mid-America Festivals Inc 1244 S. Canterbury Rd Ste 306 Shakopee, MN. 55379 1(612) 445-7361

Becca Shaftner
Cathrine A. Cochran
Rae Miller
Tasha Jensen
A potential client modleing Mike's midnight special
A potential client modleing Mike's midnight special
Chris Forker wears 10,000 rings
Lynn Kissock
Gina Squires
Veronica Larenz
Lisa Rosenberg
Rae Miller
Krisrty Hanson
Jazzmine Little
Wendy Ince
Lena Andrea Blanchard
Katze Lupeke
Lisa Rosenberg
Tracie Biegler
Becca Shaftner
Shane King
Jessica Koppien
Abigail Koppien
Dee Koppien
Jennifer Koppien
The family Koppien
Christina Dibble
Christina Dibble



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