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The Chainmaille Fashions Pictorial diary of the1999 Minnesota Renaissance Festival

As will always be the case I personally missed the first two weekends because of the overlap with the Bristol Fair.
The Minnesota will never have the volume of dressers that makes the Bristol fair so special but that only makes the ones who do dress that much more special and fortunetly sales are as good.

There are many changes this year. The entire area of cartwheel cove was burned to the ground in an arson fire last feburary. My charmed life once again has conviced me that I am somehow blessed. The heroic efforts of 6 local fire deptments stopped the flames at my structure saving my booth and two others down fire from me.
Three dozen buildings were turned to ashes.
My thanks to God and vollunteer firemen everywhere.

Week three had decent weather and good crowds
The Labor day weekend broke multiple records and for us was a screaming success.
Again I must express gratitude. The redesign of the area has allowed the management to try some new traffic control ideas that has greatly inreased traffic in our area which had been kind of a backwater at the festival. We now are busy from opening to closing intead of being very slow the first two hours as well as the last hour. It has not hurt me that the food program in the area was upgraded or that they have installed an ATM machine as my closest neighbor. Thanks to Jim and Bonnie.

The Minnesota renaissance Festival is produced by MidAmerica festivals and is held each fall in Shakopee MN
MidAmerica Festivals
1244 S. Canterbury Rd Ste 306
Shakopee, MN. 55379
1(612) 445-7361

Michelle Kersten
Jen Kersten
Becca Shaffner
Jamie L Ottum
Our most royal Magisty and Paula, an old freind from Boise Idaho
Hillary and Laura
Kari Hanson
a custom headpiece
Rachel Bjerstedt
Josie hapern- Finnerly
Renae Coffey
Hillary Call
Catherine A Cochran
Becca Shaffner
Megan Murray
Kris Vines
Cheryl Wilkins
Kari Hanson
Three potential clients
Megan Murray
Megan Murray
Megan Murray
Nicole Kovall
Laura Ulmen
Becca Shaffner
Tracy Mattson
Kris Vines
Megan Murray
Megan Murray
Veronica Lavenz
Ray Miller
Angela Pepard



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