Measureing for a chainmail halter


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Unfortunately I could only find this photo of how my backs look. This is a good fit with most air expelled (the shoulder straps could be an inch shorter). With full inhalation the under wire would go straight rather than dropping like it is in the photo. if it looks like this with full inhalation then the under wire would need to be shortened and the lower straps recentered.
Notice the 2 inches of vertical links right in the center. If the under wire is correct but the cups don't give enough support shorten this part.
Notice the two bottom straps that form a triangle with the under wire. I start with symmetry but people are not. If, when looking at the front the cups do not appear to be properly centered you make the adjustment here move the cups in the desired direction by using these straps to pull it around. If, with the top on you lean forward and the under wire seams loose move both straps closer to the cups.