Opening weekend of the Texas Renaissance Festival at

ChainMaille Fashions

Opening weekend was perfect (for chain), Many old friends came to dress in mail and join the ChainMaille Fashions extravaganza as well as a few new friends. We all had a good time!
I have had a difficult time getting back into doing the web work and I am not out of the woods yet! Some of my editors have crashed and my C:/ drive is so full I have problems with to much stuff open at the same time.
I have moved quite a bit to my D:/ drive and just don't know where all my space is hiding. It is going into the fifth weekend as I write this and I hope to get the other threeweekend up tomorrow (Friday)

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Welcome to the show! 
Susan Lorit 
Terisa Semmons 
Linda and Scott DeRoch 
Karen Cowden
(Linda's sister) and Chris Aquino
Nathan Trichmiller 
Erica Czerwinski and James Dugat 
Natalie Gruber 
Julie Rodriguez 
Raylee Weiland? 
Jolie Bonnette
Jen Black and  
Brian Huff and Mark Rurie 
Letesia Callahan 
My mornings work 
Linda's mornings work! 
Rhonda Cox 
Chris Preston 
Lena Brandon 
Melanie Thompson 
Mary Headly 
Heath Ray and Julie Rodriguez 
Heath Ray and Julie Rodriguez 
Melanie Thompson 
Tamara Geers 
Sharon Linger 
Donald Kramer 
Chris Preston 
Susan Lorit 
Nathan Teichniller 
Sherry Miniutte and Gene Ethridge 
Scott Myers 
Zack Geers 
Sean Lisse 
Teresa Simmons 
Trica Blackburn 
Tim Murphy 
Natalie Gruber 
Linda DeRoch 
R*y W*lk*ns*n 
Nancey Stierle & Andrew Verastegui 
Letesia Callahan 
Gypsy Bob 

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