10/11/97 &10/12/97 at Texas Renaissance Faire with ChainMaille Fashions 

The second weekend was very wet on saturday and very cold (for chain) and muddy on sunday. Thanks to our truly dedicated cadre of volunteers we had good parades and fashion shows on both days. My oldest and drearest friend, John Mortenson (who I refer to as brother) and his brother Dan visited this weekend (from California) and both had a great experience. John writes poetry and was inspired by the rain. It is my joy and privilege to present

The Mud Cure

By John Mortenson When as children did we stop Embracing mud and chasing raindrops Why did puddles suddenly become at thing to avoid and not pure fun What let our inner child fade away Can you name that sorry day or can you with just mud and a grin bring your inner child to life again

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Angela Robertson and lisa Boisselle 
Nathan Teichmiller 
Traci L. Bonnette 
A friend of Patricks 
Steve Bennett 
Steve's caotic back 
Linda with group 
a wet group 
Traci, Erica, Angela and Rhonda 
Mark, Darrel, Jack ,and Chris 
Keley Stevenson 
Client with Husband and Boyfriend 
A rain day parade 
Just the women 
Just the men 
John and Dan Mortenson 
Alex San?es 
Teresa Lynn Triampol 
Erica Czerwinski 
Joseph Smith 
Jazzmine Little 
John, Jane, Randolph and Jo 

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