10/18/97 &10/19/97 at Texas Renaissance Faire with ChainMaille Fashions 

Obviously we are still having trouble getting photos of every one we dress but we continue to try and be more efficient

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L. J. Perry 
Chris Preston 
Erica and Wally Kulen 
Michelle Dosenbrock 
Lori & Charles  
Marc Drescher 
M'Linda Taylor 
Sherry Miniutti & Gene Ethridge 
Jennifer Robles 
Natalie Gruber & Marc Drescher 
Julie Rodriquez & Heath Ray 
The guys 
Darrel and Traci 
Chris and Traci 
Helaine Gilman 
Zack Geers 
Carl Geers 
Sherry Miniutti & Gene Ethridge 
Brandi Parts 
Sherry Mase 
Jennifer (KIRA) Pierce 
a Good representation 
The group 
Just the Macho men 
Deseri Nally 
Angela Robertson 
Letesia Callahan 
Tamara Geers 
Amber Miller 
Lauren Richmond 
Michelle Betenbaugh 
Traci Bonnette 
Brandi Parts 
Amanda Sherman 
Julie and Heath 
James Dugat 
Erica Czerwinski 
June Moon 
James and Patrick seek comfort on the knee of June Moon 
Christine Hugley 
Nannette Williams 
Chrysaol Coffield 
Jennefer Robles 

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