11/15/97 &11/16/97 at Texas Renaissance Faire with ChainMaille Fashions

Closing weekend was bitter and unseasonably cold with rain most of Saturday. Still we had a great day.
One of our very special "regulars" at the ChainMaille Show is Stephanie. Saturday Stephanie and Andrew were married at festival. Linda and I both left the booth (at the same time!) to attend, the wedding and bride were beautiful, Andrew was dashing but extremly cold. We wish them a long and happy union. HUZZAH!

I would like to thank all the wonderful people who have given thier time and support so we could create the ChainMaille Fashion show. The buy thier way in, rush to my booth to sign in, then they wait some times for over an hour just to get thier turn in the dressing room. Then they spend from 11:45 to about 12:45 doing the parade and fashion show. My appriciation is beyond my meager abilities to express
Thank you

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Ron and Michelle 
Wally Kulecz 
Tamara Geers 
Chris Preston 
Kristy and her husband 
Kristy and her husband 
the cast 
The women 
Capt Huey captures the Chain Gang 
The men of Cold Steel 
Tara Grey 
Karen Ladd 
Jack Rivers 
Natalie A. Gruber 
Chrystol Coffield 
Clint Kitzman 
Rhonda Cox 
Chris Preston 
Erica Czerwinski 
Stephanie Roberts 
Wally Kulecz 
Jack Rivers 
Jack Rivers 
David White 
Mark Epps
James Dugat 
George Hindusa 
Sherry Miniutti 
The Cast of our final show of the year 
The Chain gang & Chris Forker 
Sundays Men 
The Back of Meredith McMahon 
Meredith McMahon 

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