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Lord Randolph's pictorial diary or the 2000 Texas Renaissance Festival Week 5 Oct 28 and Oct 29

The Texas Festival is always my busiest due to the level of participation in the parade as well as the daily fashion show we do from out balcony.
Opening day was so overwhelming I remember none of it. Sunday was only average.
The second weekend was an all time record cold for the entire region
The sixth weekend was so nasty I stayed home and played EVERQUEST all weekend (HEF PAL on the Karana server named Dudalous)
Most of the other weekends had at least a little bad weather making the show overall disappointing financially but fun personally.

I would like to thank all my dressers that donate thier time to help me creat a presents for chainmail.

The Texas Renaissance Festival is owned and produced by King George Cullam
21778 FM1774
Plantersville, TX 77363
The Texas Renaissance Festival web site

Chris "Shaggy" Preston
Alan " ChainMaille Dancing Boy" Kloss
Mark "Pigman"
Brian "Banshee" Mlajenka
Chrystol Coffield
Chris "Lord Thorne" Stavinoha
Miranda Sanders
Miranda Sanders
Karen Brady
Steven Todd
Kayla and Kayen with Darkangel (Theo)
Sisters Kalen and Kayla
Dawn Heussner
Darrell "Zaxx" Burton
Teen Club afiliate of the Lake Jackson Thespien Society
Kristal LaPorta
Emily Johnston
Aamy Strand
Stephanie Hier
Brian Lavy
Jessica Stubblefield
Tina Black
Brandi Landry
ashera and Savanna
ashera and Savanna
Brandi Landry
Mavyc McLerdon ???
Brian "Banshee" Mlajenka
Lord Thorne
Emily Johnston
Kristal LaPorta
Chris "Shaggy" Preston
Amy Stoud
Stephanie Hier
Heather Crockett
Brian Ross
Alan " ChainMaille Dancing Boy" Kloss
Chrystol Coffield
Teresa Simons
John Collins
Joseph Surette
Heather Butina
Miranda Sanders
Julie Rodriquez
Elizabeth M. Alden
Vanessa Hoover
Milinda Bennefield
John, Milinda, and joseph



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