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Lord Randolph's Pictorial Diary of the 2007 Texas Renaissance Festival week 1 Oct 5 and 6

I have much to chat about today. First it has come to my attention that more people than just my father reads my posts twice people have commented about them to me this very week!

I FEEL Sooooo heard.

Once again it was a challenging week getting from MN to Texas. Friday in MN was a perfect day and no one came we did not even make payroll for the day. the festival has a row of food booths on one side of me and a souvenir booth on the other side of me , neither was open for the day and the stage beyond them was abandoned. It tweaks me I have to open and they don't, no one ever said life would be fair. Saturday and Sunday rained steady so sales were depressed, we used the time to pack.
We have a tradition that most of the crew stay late and pack the sales floor after which we have pizza delivered and have a final sit down and visit. This time we had it down in record time and were eating by 8:30.

Monday we had closed the booth and were within a couple minutes of departure when our senior cat Yazla escaped and took to ground under a booth near by. We could see him but not catch him so we had to plug the building back in and spend another night. For a brief time in the morning Minion did the same thing. The delay was augmented by heavy rains till middle afternoon Tuesday that would have been completely missed if we had left on Monday. We had to stop in Ames IA for a fuel filter but Butch's Amoco had us back on the road in the time it took to eat lunch. We arrived Thursday afternoon in Austin and after about 12 hours home left for trf arriving Friday noonthirty or so to be greeted by a huge hornet nest by where the drummers stand and a beehive in the wall outside my dressing room. I learned that hornets can burrow into buildings and be quite persistent and that bees are unaffected by wasp and hornet spray but drop like a rock with a fogger (see them here)
Saturday morning we fogged the bees but by Sunday morning another nest had discovered abandoned honey and swarmed all day salvaging it. During the week I opened the wall and removed the combs, washed and cleaned it as best i could, sealed the openings and repaired the wall.

The parade and shows would have been a disaster without the policy started last year of opening weekend being owners only. I am grateful for their personal support more than the financial.

I do have a heel injury and am not walking the parade myself this year. Frank is wearing my hat for that chore.

As most of you know my show is improve in its purest form. I have ideas I would try with someone who does stand up also an auctioneer might be fun

The Texas Renaissance Festival is owned and produced by King George Cullam
21778 FM1774
Plantersville, TX 77363
The Texas Renaissance Festival web site

Frank leads the parade
Frank leads the parade
the band watches for a que
Stephanie warms up the crowd before I talk to them
Bruce tries to involve the audience after I have failed
Linda Cowden
Linda Cowden
Bruce wakes the lazy kitten
Kat Blanch
Bruce is loveing it
Jean Underwookd
Down with Missy
Presenting Missy
Karen Cowden
Karen Cowden
Susan Epps
Stephanie always ends our show
Rachel and Edward
Rachel and Edward
Linda Cowden
thanking the audience
Sharon wears this top in loving memory of Erica



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