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Jo's Brother Dennis and His family visit the Arizona show 

Jo collects anything by Danny Elfman Smoking Elivis(Oingo Boingo),

J RR TolkienThe Lord of the Rings

NightMare before Christmas ,


and non sports cards.


Oingo Boingo had thier fairwell tour during the Holloween season 1995. Jane, Jo and Randolph played hooky from a festival weekend (a first in 19 years of doing shows!) and attended the concert at the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas.

It was a great trip. Randolph booked a gamblers packet with the Aladdin and managed (with rebates) to finance the trip. Jane taught Jo how to enter the back door at equipment setup to meet the roadies which is what ultimately lead to Jo and Randolph getting back stage after the concert. We don't know the name of the roadie that hands Danny his stuff but we owe him a debt of "Gratitude".

Here are some pictorial memories we will share with you.

Jane and Jo in line at the concert

 The Marque in front of the Aladdin We were on our way to Circus De Solie Mystre. A GREAT show!

Us in front of the ticket booth marque Note the album in Jo's hand, It is now signed by all the band except Steve.

Danny and Jo Jo with her favorite composer, Danny Elfman

Jo and Johnny Jo with John Avila        

Jo and Leon Jo with Leon Schneiderman. We ran into leon in the elevator before the show.

Vatos and Us Jo and Randolph with Johnny "VATOS" Hernandez


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